Should I crate train my dog?

dog in a crate

We consider crate training to be an important, almost essential part of a dog’s training. Crate training has many, many benefits. Yes, you should create train your dog. Crate training is a very effective training tool that is good for …

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Are Labradoodles Prone To Separation Anxiety?

are labradoodles prone to anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common across all dog breeds, and not just with Labradoodles. It can occur at any stage in your dog’s life but is more common in puppies or dogs that have recently been re-homed. Are Labradoodles prone …

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Why Is My Golden Retriever Always Seeking My Attention?

Golden Retriever constantly seeking attention

Golden Retrievers, like any dogs, often exhibit attention-seeking behaviors. They are a sociable breed and love being around humans. These behaviors can at times be quite irritating and sometimes as dogs grow from being puppies to adults, these behaviors can …

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Are Whoodles Hard To Train?

Whoodle hard to train

The Whoodle is an energetic, active and intelligent crossbreed. They are bred by crossing Poodles with Wheaten Terriers, both of whom are independent, self confident breeds. Are Whoodles hard to train? Yes, Whoodles can sometimes be difficult to train. They …

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